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4/27/04 so anyway...
Counterpoint is in fact still alive kicking although if you relied on this news page we would be dead or ready for our reunion tour.

So what have we been up to? Good question, you recieve one gold star. First off the Keller family has begun to spawn, the first of which is to arrive in late June, we are all very excited about this and heard the Kellers are going to name it Gibson Fender Keller be it boy or girl...but we'll see. Jimran (Jim Moran ... DUH!) has also been busy populating the earth with Son number 2 arriving the ladder part of last year, they call him Joe even though his real name is Joe-seph... wierdos. Me, I still have a dog, he is adopted so he is not a "blood" relitive but we love him regarless.

Ok, now back to the task at hand.... We have been writing new songs and recording for a new project we are working on called 770 (we figured maybe something new after all these years would be fun) and we have been having a good time doing that. we also have been picking up shows here and there to keep our egos alive. Whats next for Counterpoint you ask? we are going to practice and have a beer, then we will play a show, see you there.

Counterpoint will not be doing much for at least a month due to Keller breaking is damn thumb. Yes it does indeed suck! How did this happen? Break Dancing of all things. Folks, DO NOT attempt to do the flair at 30 years of age while weighing 200 pounds. Your thumb just cannot take it.

Other than that....We have been writing up a storm and have been recording some other bands in the past few months. Hopefully this winter, you will all have a new CPT release to listen to.

Well thats all for now and we hope to see you all very soon.

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Who? What? Huh?

Well, there has been a major change at the Counterpoint camp last week. Justin Davis our drummer for the past 2 years is no longer with us. Although we still consider him a dear friend and an excellent drummer his time with Counterpoint has come to pass. We had alot of fun playing with Justin over the past couple of years and he brought alot to the band that will be missed. As a result of these recent events we needed a drummer(obviously) and when we sat back and contemplated the possibillities there was only one name that came to mind, Jim Moran. Some of you may know Jim was the original drummer of Counterpoint and has also played with local bands Doomsday Device and Loot. So to make a long story short, we asked him, he said yes, so ... Jim Moran is now back in the CPT. We are extremely happy to have Jim back. We are going to miss you Justin, but I am sure the new things to come will be great. This change will NOT effect any of the planed dates we have although it may alter the setlist a bit. All you folks that want us to play old tunes, might I recomend Thursday March 6th at Roosters Roadhouse.... ahh- ite, -M

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Its July 5th, got any fireworks left?

So anyway... We've been camping and having fun the past couple of weeks and haven't been giggin' around the bay too much. We played in Tahoe awhile back and had some great fun. I gotta say, one of the bands we played with up there by the name of Hemlock, gets Counterpoints award for "Hugest Independent Merch Booth" , they had everything from antenna balls to perfume and snow globes, seriously it was like a Hallmark store for the extremely metal. Any way other than that we have not been up to much but some R&R and spending some quality time jamming and writing new songs. So enough with the time off, we were supposed to be playing the time out tomarrow but for reasons beyond our control theat gig got cancelled, I hear they are putting a new stage and lights and stuff so it should be real nice when we play there later this month, but in the mean time I am knawing my fingers off waiting to play. Counterpoint is also playing The Sore Thumbs CD release party at the Pound this month and if their CD sounds like they do live it will be well worth coming out and getting one. Well thats all for now ...

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Dark Days ....

Sad news has hit us in a couple of ways this week and here I go to SF tonight to play a show, this one is for the following. As some of you know Warner, the bass player for The Sick passed away, leaving what seems like crater sized hole in the harts of everyone who knew him and the Bay Area Punk scene. Warner was one of the nicest people I have ever met and his passing was a heavy blow, We just played with The Sick about 2 weeks ago and he was his usual smiling friendly self.. now he is gone....
Another Friend also died this week, Bill McGuiness whom alot of you knew. I grew up with Bill and had alot of good times with him back in the day. Another blow to our hearts.... R.I.P. Boneless One, you will be missed.
So raise your glasses Counterpointers, and heres to the ones that have fallen, and to better days..

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Oh My God An Update!!!!

Yeah yeah, I know its been awhile since I gave you folks a news update, so I will try to make this one extra special... Well We released Black Socks and Docs officialy with a party at Pine Street Grill in Livermore last Friday with a bunch of friends fans and family. Special thanks to Dyslexics, Bullet 66 and McJesus for playing and helping us to have a great time. We Had alot of fun and played a monster set with old songs new songs and real new songs, that if you wernt there, you havent heard.... Our very special guest star was DJ Oh, if you havent seen this guy tear it up on turntables you are missing a real talent, Thanks Oh, its always a pleasure. Its funny whenever we play a long set like this it seems like we are playing for about 5 min and its over, I guess time flies when your having fun after all. So thanks to all who attended, you all helped to make the night tons of fun and a great success...

Also toping the Counterpoint headlines is that the top manufacture of footware for underground cuture, Doc Martens has sponsored us. We are not in the habbit of advertising or being a banner for any product, but hey, we wear em, like em and fully endorse em, so... Thanks for the shoes Doc...

Also Counterpoint was featured in the April 10th - May 10th Local Spotlight in Zero magazine. Pick up a copy at your local venue. Thanks to Joel at Zero for all the support.

We have been playing quite a bit in the Bay Area in the past couple of months and been haveing a great time. The bands we have been playing with, the people we have been working with and the people that have been comming to the shows has really made it fun for us. You all mean alot to Counterpoint and I cant begin to express our appreciation that when you have 6 bucks and a Friday night, you choose to spend it with us. So keep up the support, We will play till we bleed... then wipe off the blood and play some more until our fingers are little nubs that are showing bone at the end and are too short to actually hold a drumstick or fret a note on a guitar then we will sing and clap our bloody stumps together in such a rhythmic fury you will wish you could play the bloody stups too, but you wont have bloody stumps to play so you will just have to dance. Well this wouldnt really happen but you get the idea.

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Our CD Release Party is coming up next month Apr 26th
Can you just not wait to hang out and party down with Counterpoint? Well we cant. We will be be playing and celebrating our new CD Black Socks and Docs on Friday April 26th. McJesus, Bullet66, and the Dyslexics will be there as well.

There will be a raffle for T-Shirts and Free Counterpoint CDs. Also, the 1st 20 people that pay to get in will get a FREE Counterpoint CD. Stay tuned for more details.
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Now Available!!
Here it is boys and girls, Hot off the presses! The latest release from everyones favorite bar stars Counterpoint is "Black Socks and Docs". Availible at any of our shows for $5. Black Socks and Docs will soon be availible for purchase on this web site but untill then you will have to come out to a show to get one.

For all of you that just cannot wait to here it, here is the 1st track on the CD. "Enjoy"
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I said, GOD DAMN!!!
We were lucky enough to get on this show at the Pound in SF and play with some truly great bands. Agression, one of the original skate punk bands ever, and thay still are excellent! I watched them and had flashbacks of skateboarding at the tender age of 15... they were great! We played with the Deviates also, a very tight Epitaph band, and real nice guys, they put on a great show. Deface played as well, and little did I know an old friend of mine is in this band, Cheers John! BUT!!! The Sick.... Oh My GOD!!! What an excellent display of Hardcore!!! This band is one of the best bands I have seen, pure energy, great music.. these guys RULE! If you have not seen this band, you are missing out on one of the best bands to come out of the Bay Area in awhile.
We will be playing with the Sick and Angry Samoans on March 29th at The Pine Street Grill in Livermore.
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Theres no place like home ...
Its always nice to go home for the holidays... and that is exactly what Counterpoint did on Dec. 28th. We went home to the Pine Street Grill in Livermore. Although none of us actually live there it is pretty much the place we have played at the most and it is always chuck full of friends, as it was this time. I gotta give a huge thanks to all the peeps that came out this time and made it a wonderful show for us and the rest of the bands. Big thanks Alyce and Craig for all your support, and to Monica and Ken from Savage Productions as well. Anyhoo, we played with Dead Last, these guys are a new band and are very good, expect to see alot of them in the future. I have praised Bullet 66 so many times I feel like I am swinngin' on their nuts so I will refrain that this time to salvage my integrity, but you know I love that band. McJesus (from Tahoe) is another band I cant get enough of, Mc Jesus honestly has some of the best written tunes out there, they are fun to watch and after hearing a sneak preview of their new recording all I have to say is I have listened to "Driver" like 50 times (yes, I loop it in my car). We played next and had a fun time, as we always do and everything went great...Lavish Green is a band that people have been telling us to play with for a long time now and I had never heard them till Fri.. Very good band packed with talent, definitely one of the premier live acts out there... I honestly could play with this line up of bands over and over again, I think it made for a fun show and I had a great time, as did everyone else I talked too... stay tuned...
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Oh Yeah!
One more thing folks, here is a sample of one of the songs from our new CD. It should be available some time in the early new year. You can of course hear these songs live at any of the upcomming shows. This song is called "Enjoy" and we hope you enjoy it.

Hi Everybody!!
Well looks like there is another nice place to go to see bands in the East Bay, Club JJen-Ga. As alot of you know that was the location of our latest musical fiasco, I now can personally vouch for this place.... It is located right by the Park Street bridge going to Alameda. Nice place, not huge but it is nice and in a good location. We had a great time playing on Sat. The place was PACKED.. standing room only and not even that at times...
Bullet 66 were great (as they always are) and Ken played his flame painted LP, damn that thing is cool! Secretions played, they are real good, they played "Ace Of Spades" by Motorhead and THAT my friends, ROCKED! Everything must go was good as well but I was outside most of the time they were playing... sorry guys. We played, and if you werent there ... you missed it, thats all I am gonna say. The capper of the night was The Grannies... Wholy Crap! Ever had a punk band dressed up like old ladies tearing it up while the guitar granny plays standing on your table... yes a table dance by a cross dressing punker ...nice and creepy, Cat is still trying to get the vision out of her head... they were good musically but the stage show takes the cake (the cake that fat mike lives in). Well till next time kiddies....

...Its been awhile
Well hello again, its your favorite lazy ass bass player here, that never updates his section of the website... Sorry folks but here I am now....
Anyway, November has came and went like the wind. Counterpoint didnt play a single show in November due to the fact we have been working on our CD. We just cant stand not having something new we can share with our friends that has Justin playing on it. Although there were alot of rumors about him playing on "Whats For Dinner" it is not Justin. The new CD is at the final stages and sounds good, Mike and I just gave it a listen in the Jeep and we are both pleased with the sound. Justin said he liked it but he was eating a sandwich at the time so I am not sure if he was talking about the sandwich when he said it was "real good and tasty but it needs some A1 steak sauce". Musicians and their lingo.. I guess i will never fit in.

Well gotta go...

Saturday Sept. 15 2001
What fun it is to play in a nice "club" atmosphere! We played at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill on Saturday and what a fun time!! First off I haven't been to the Bourbon street since back in the days when it was called Lindees (I guess I need to get out more) but what a cool place it is now. It went from being a dim lit, small and rather seedy bar to a huge airy club. I mean this place is like a miniature Slims, and has very nice facilities all around (hey girls, I hear the bathrooms are clean). It was a pleasure to play in such a fine establishment.
Anyway, enough about how impressed I was with the locale, lets talk live music. Sat. was a five (count 'em 1-2-3-4-5) band show with us playing 4th.

Dyslexics - Although I have heard their mp3s on their web site I had no idea they completely WHOMPED ASS on what I have heard thus far. These guys are not only as tight as your mom on prom night, they have a great stage personality! Frequent outbursts of the word "monkeypussy" began the night with a gleeful punch in the arm. These guys were my favorite band (other than us) of the night. They have great style (mosaically and aesthetically) and play very well.

Ambionic - I wrote a little poem about these guys, it goes a little something like this:
From Santa Barbara they drove in their van
and two little minors they had in their band.
oh minors , oh minors, no way, no way
I am glad in the end the club let them play
Anyway these guys reminded me allot of tool, they were well practiced and had a real good sound ( the guitar could have been louder, but thats not their fault). The singer from this band could sing real well, he even dropped the mic and just sang to the crowd with out any amplification and it sounded good... (impressed!). A good band for sure and a real great group of folks.

U.V.R. - I don't know what it stands for so don't ask... U.V.R. a five piece band with a cool van (everyone has vans these days I guess). I have two words to describe UVR, Pop Punk, Not my cup of tea really but they do it very well. They are a great band for that type of music. I am not much on the whole Blink 182 thing so it kinda swayed my opinion but I gotta take my hat off to these guys for playing a great solid set regardless of J.R. running through the crowd saying "boo" and "these guys suck". They had their shit together and will probably be signed and on MTV within the next 6 months.

Counterpoint - Had a blast, Jumped around allot and had a bunch of peeps taking our picture (that was cool). Played 6 songs and sweated then we were done. Great fun and we were pretty solid I think.

3rd Rail - I have been hearing allot about these guys and was looking forward to seeing them. So I finally did, they had good stage presence and played a kinda metal type of thing. They were pretty good but I don't think they got a good mix honestly. It was real hard to tell what was going on. I think I need to see them again because they went on real late and my ears were cooked by this time.

So that wraps up another installment, thanks to everyone who came out, you made the show most enjoyable. Thanks for having us Bourbon Street and Cris Lommori.


Friday, August 31 2001
We played at the Pine Street Grill in Livermore to a well packed house (thanks for coming all!!) with other well known local boys, Section 8 and Bullet 66 and a band i had never heard Foreground. So for you that were not there, heres a little recapp-age.

Bullet 66 - We have known these guys since back in the days when they were called KOF, I was a big fan of KOF but now after a few member changes and under the new guise of Bullet 66 they are fucking animals.

Foreground - I wasnt too sure what to expect from these guys, when I saw the Guitarist dawn his Les Paul with a chain for a strap, I was thinkin these guys are at the wrong show but DAMN, that guy can play, the whole band can play really but the guitarist really stood out to me. They sound alot like Rage Against the Machine in my honest opinion (to me thats a compliment).

Section 8 - if you havent heard them, you have to get of the damn couch.. or have one of your mobile friends get the CD for ya. Drums, bass, guitar, turntables and 2 front men spitting out rhymes like mother goose on PCP, they got it all.

Well then We played at the end of the night, got about 6 songs into a 14 song list we had prepared out back before going on and the sondman yells "2 more"... cut short again.... Oh Well We busted out a couple of treats for all the folks that showed up and said good night but not before Mikes Mom busted out with the birthday cake for Jen and Mikes Birthday (hers is the 31at and his is the 1st) the whole crowd helped us sing Happy Birthday! Whoohoo! .. I also heard from several sorces there was a live lesbian act going on in the crowd with nudity and everything.. but as always, we were playing and missed it.. I guess We just bring out the love..

Thats My review of our last show... Look for more news soon.


Recording, What a pain in the arse!
Well, as some of you may know We have been working like crazy between gigs to record our new CD, and what a total pain in the ass! We spend hours upon hous getting things just right, then tear them down to go play then set it all back up again, then tweeking this setting that listening to the same song over and over .... OK, enough with the venting.

We are very excited for this CD because it will feature our new "Wonder-Drummer" Justin "Time" Davis (see below). We are currently on song number 4 and things are beginning to smooth out. Its just one of those tedious things that takes patience and time.. (and We are not the most prosperous folk in those areas).

So anyhow, CD will be out soon, I am thinking We can call this one Mark... featuring the Counterpoints, We'll see what Mike and Justin think....

More soon,


March 2001
As you may not know, Counterpoint has a new Drummer. Justin Davis joined the band around the middle of Februrary and has been learning all of the old and new Counterpoint songs. So far he is kicking some serious ass and is a great addition to Counterpoint's style.

Very soon you will be able to hear him as we are in the process of working on a new CD.

Feb 2001
It seems there is another band in the Bay Area (Berkeley, CA) trying to use the name Counterpoint.. After emailing one of their members and trying to get them to change their name, this was the response we got:

"Mike, I don't think there's any need to either be hostile about this or include the word attorney in your email to us. We're just a few students who formed a group and decided to name it Counterpoint. In doing so, we had no intention of infringing upon any of your established footholds in the Bay Area. I don't really know where to go from here. I am going to do some of my own research and let you know what we think is the best solution for us. Again, I want to state that on behalf of my group, we don't intend to become hostile or seek legal counsel on this matter. Thank you very much for voicing your concern. It's a bad situation and we'll figure it out as soon as possible."

Matias Cudich

Anyways, they have decided to change their name to Counter Point (with the space between the words) and think this will help people to distinguish the two bands. On the other hand we have started the Trademark process and hope not to have any of these issues in the future.


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